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October 10, 2014 – Version 1.0. Training will consist of a 3-day block of instruction and will include various training materials and scenarios. The ECR is also equipped with teleconference and video teleconference capabilities should the need arise. Having a training project plan at hand is very helpful as this document can present the necessary programs that are needed to be given to employees at particular time periods. IT Project Plan Template Version 0.3 Author: Jones Keywords: management plans, software project management plans, IT project management plans Last modified by: Kirstie Created Date: 5/17/2011 5:28:00 PM Company: TBS-SCT CIOB Enhanced Management Framework Other titles: IT Project Plan Template Version 0.3 2) This presentation bundle is gorgeous, and it’s free. In today’s post, you’re going to get a comprehensive project management template bundle. The templates are available for access and print. You need to be able to define what these goals are so that you know what you and everyone else will have to work towards. Points of contact are necessary as a quick reference for the correct personnel to contacts regarding questions about training, scheduling, or requirements. The best way to find this out is looking at a project plan template. And I am going to ask you this for two reasons: 1) I know you have influence and that when you share something, people pay attention. This Training Plan Template kit includes a 20 page MS Word template, 14 MS Word/Excel forms, as well as checklists, questionnaires, and spreadsheets to help you capture the scope, requirements, evaluation, delivery method, strategy, dependencies, constraints, limitations, schedule, resources, and … Access over 1,000 templates on to save you time and effort. Join 3'000 readers and boost your PM skills through our weekly emails. If downloading a corporate training plan template or a training structure template doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe the following creation steps will. Note: The structure of this Project Plan is in compliance with the Training Plan Template. The order is meant for ease of reading, presentation, and use, and not as a guide to the order of preparation of the various section. The Training Plan Template, located in the , provides the framework for determining how the training materials will be identified, developed, and delivered. Sound understanding of several commonly used Agile methodologies, Ability to communicate Agile methodologies to clients, Ability to help clients implement Agile tools (scrum, Kanban), Knowledge of Kanban Board Theory and Practice, Knowledge of Extreme Programming Theory and Practice. You may also read quality project plan templates. This section from the template should describe various aspects of the training to include the following: organizational needs, training development approach, target audience, learning objectives, and skills required to meet learning objectives. Project managers leading training development teams use project management tools, such as plans, to organize and direct task completion. Project Plan < Insert Project Name > 1.5 Evolution of the Plan

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