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Ruger GP100 357 Magnum, 44 Special Full Size inch Revolver 5-6-7 Shot Leather OWB Holster PusatHolster. This .44 Special revolver’s adjustable rear sight is notch style, with an added white outline along the inside edge. What I and other enthusiasts craved: a modern big-bore revolver dedicated to the cartridge and only that cartridge. There are a few things that make this double-action revolver a fairly quick, accurate revolver. Good medicine for a variety of chores one ight want a heavy sixgun to perform. bullet weight is cheap to reload, easy to shoot and plenty of bullet for the task. A frequent repeat – cops want a powerful round and then find it kicks and is harder to control than a medium bore handgun. I would’ve gone faster, but leading would have become an issue. I could get a solid crossed thumbs grip on the gun, helping to manage the .44’s recoil. The “big-bore” GP100 is right at home in an El Paso Saddlery rig. Is this one on your “maybe one day” list? Smith and Wesson built the 1st 44 magnum and Ruger followed fast with the Flat Top Blackhawk. Skelton’s load produced more energy than the hottest load in the Black Hills catalog. Same thing with Elmer Keef he showed a couple of these gun designers what he was getting out of the 44 special and they built him a frame and a cylinder to handle the pressure and then took it into from being a wildcat cartridge to a 44 magnum cartridge what Ruger is trying to do here is take a 44 special build it like a tank so that you can get higher pressure levels with a smaller framed package so you’re not carrying around a Model 29 Smith & Wesson but you’re getting very close ballistic with a hot loaded 44 special just like Elmer Keith did when he was designing the 44 magnum cartridge years and years ago. N'hésitez plus ! The .44 Special, if used as the basis for making a competent revolver, buys you the ability to shave weight due to the shorter cylinder you can achieve, along with lower pressures. Ruger SP101 ® GP100 ® Super GP100 ® ... GP100® in .44 Special; Double-Action Revolver Disassembly; Double-Action Revolver Basic Cleaning; Double-Action Revolver Reassembly; Double-Action Revolver Full Cleaning Find Accessories for the GP100 ® at Holsters. But if people hunt large bears with bows and arrows, why not .357? either way, it’s not an edc weapon, it’s for hunting and killing paper for me. The factory has the ability to take an idea to reality quickly. 5 shot 41 magnum. Standing from the draw. I read something about the Chambers reamed wrong. I now have about 7 – 10000 rounds through the gun a lot of 38 special when shooting matches and competitions but it least a third of that 357 Magnum full load 180 grain jacketed hollow-points. Délai moyen d'expédition des armes constaté chez ce vendeur. Probably a few with 22LR too. That .30-06 might have 4 times the m.e. Back in 1990 I was working at a gun shop in Orlando Florida. I’ve never heard anyone rave about the triggers on a Ruger GP100; there’s nothing to crow about here either. The only thing that popped into my mind was “Man, that ’29 has got to *hurt* to shoot it.”…, Yeah… it’s nowhere near as badass as a break-action .30-06. Wont’ hold up. South Dakota’s game regulations require a minimum of 1,700 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle for elk. Ruger put together a great gun. The patented grip frame design easily accommodates a wide variety of custom grips, and takedown of integrated subassemblies requires no special tools and allows for easy maintenance and assembly. …it would be a Redhawk, and you may as well get the .44 magnum version to shoot specials out of. AFAIK the Charter guns are not meant for hot loads and if you do run ’em hot it’ll decrease their service life post haste. I really like that GP100. 2 of 12 Ruger GP100 .44 Special The steel frame and lockwork are overbuilt to handle heavy-duty loads. …and then he told me that that empty cartridge was actually fired in that gun with that 3/8 inch bolt in the end of the barrel with a full 357 Magnum charge and it didn’t even blow the barrel up didn’t bulge it didn’t do nothing I was sold on the spot and it was much cheaper. Then you’ve got the braggarts. Hogue Ruger GP100/Super Redhawk Grip Lamo Camo. The .44 Special. I’m also getting 491 ft lbs from 200 gr .45ACP at 1050, the stated velocity and weight of the black Hills stuff above. I’m getting 481 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle for these amazing .44spl loads of 240 grains at 950 fps. A handgun without the extra frame size and barrel length required to shoot .44 Magnums. That round was going 1,100fps, generating 700 ft. lbs. Ruger revolver fans, your long wait is over. The Colt Dragoon, which it barely beat. Ruger put together a great gun. Hi, Ruger advertised a 44 special in a GP100 3inch stainless configuration. The only thing I’ve had to replace on the entire gun is the rear sight blade eventually broke partially and Ruger sent me another blade for free no questions asked. No safeties or controls to fumble with, and no risk of accidental discharge fumbling around half asleep. And it really tames heavy .44 spc loads. By the way, you know what handgun the .357 Magnum replaced on the “world’s most powerful..” scale? $26.99 $ 26. has all of the reliability that Ruger revolver fans have come to expect. Still, it was annoying. All times are UTC . La livraison par Mondial Relay n'est possible qu'en cas de paiement par Carte Bleue ou NaturaPay. Etat de l'arme: star_rate star_rate star_rate. 1 STANDARD 450 BUSHMASTER $ 1,456.00 (5) Ruger 5439 LCR LCRx Single/Double Action .22 WMR 1.87 6 Round $ 536.00 (7) Sight gap Anything else? But enough to require a larger frame or less metal in critical areas. Once the larger magnums came about they were of course much better options. Only downside of the Contender, is that you can’t actually shove a .30-06 round into it. No round on their website equals the weights and speeds you have listed. I know it has been discontinued, but, I see new 1's offered on gunbroker and similar sites. The L-Frame Smith is similar in size to a Colt Trooper or Official Police (at one time called the 41 Frame). Elmer developed his heavy 44 loads in Smith and Wesson N-Frame Triple-Locks and Hand Ejector as well as the Colt Single Action Army. While Jason was at it he prevailed upon Ruger to produce this GP in .44 Special, .357 Magnum and .327 Federal. Nos conseillers basés en France sont à votre écoute pour répondre à toutes vos questions du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 18h00. In a more common caliber, that’s cheaper to shoot generally. The problem would be someone loading a cylinder of these into an aluminum airweight or 100-year-old revolver. With that said (LOL)…. out of stock. However, after shooting my 629 for awhile and becoming a .45 Colt devotee, I finally learned why so many folks love a big, heavy bullet traveling at relatively slow speeds. As Hannibal said the trigger fix is easy. The reason that I just couldn’t help myself  (other than a lack of respect for human physiology and simple Newtonian physics): a Smith & Wesson Model 29 chambered in .44 Magnum sat next to the GP100 on my bench. Longueur de canon: 3" Carried one owb few years back with speed loader in my front pocket and never felt undergunned. L'achat d'armes et de munitions de catégorie B est exclusivement réservée aux acheteurs titulaires d'une licence de tir But for the same performance, there is a huge amount of airspace beneath the bullet. 357 is a keeper. Only gun I don't load this in is my Bulldog. Yeah, I think the preferred load for the Charter Arms Bulldog is a 200gr at about 750fps. The bell of the ball: Federal 200gr Semi Wadcutter Hollowpoints. There is just something special about smooth non-fluted Cylinder on a revolver. There’s a bit of grit, with a little stacking at the back of the pull. For those who … Arrives before Christmas. The round delivered a consistent 2-inch grouping at the same distance. It is a very hot-selling revolver. At long last your prayers and lamentations have been answered with the new five shot GP100 in .44 Special. Seemed like it was outdated after the .44 magnum was developed. The implication was that this was the weak point that would wear with really hot loads, rather than the frame or cylinder. Hazmat is for powder and primers. En tant qu'acheteur, vous devez donc enchérir jusqu'à dépasser le prix de réserve Then the tacticool guys. 350,00 € Prix. If I could only have one gun, it would be a 357 revolver. Délai de réponse moyen constaté sur les questions posées. I find wheelguns with G10 or checkered hardwood grips give me more control and less recoil than a rubber-handled equivalent. There are just too many cartridges in .357 and .38 spl…you can’t begin to touch that lever of choice in any other rimmed revolver caliber. Tested: Ruger GP100 .44 Special Revolver. This listing is for the metal speedloader block only, and does not include speedloaders, ammunition, or firearms. Yes. The .44 Special GP100 is almost as versatile as the .327 Magnum as it will not only accept .44 Special loads but .44 Russian and .44 Colt loads as well. Vous possédez ce produit et souhaitez partager votre expérience avec nos autres utilisateurs passionnés ? Unable to resist: GP100 3" 44 Special. I have and have had a few GP100s, all 357 in various configurations. jeffh 240 Incinerator. Le produit est disponible uniquement sur commande. It can be loaded to be far more powerful than the stoutest .44 Magnums. Both of mine lost their cylinder-thumbpiece (even with locktite). I can find plenty of +P rounds that beat the standard .44SPL, but then to compare apples to apples we need to compare the .45ACP+P to the .44SPL+P, which gets us into the .44Magnum loading, and nothing in the .45ACP+P line touches that. Ruger Catalog Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. What is needed is a revolver that is well made, but is lighter than this piece or the S&W 696, which was another stainless revolver, 5-round, in .44 Spl. .30-30 is about all you’ll get. contrôlée par les services de NaturaBuy puis par l'armurier professionnel vendeur. cartridge, just about as much as there is on my Model 29. I’m curious as to why the preference for Ruger over SW? Full disclosure of course. As far as which is the more “versatile” caliber, according to my reloading manuals, the .44 Magnum/Special takes the cake. Arme de catégorie B, soumise à autorisation, pièce d'identité, licence de tir sportif en cours de validité et l'original de chacun des deux volets de l'autorisation préfectorale de catégorie B obligatoire. SUBSCRIBE. Our price: $769.00. Otherwise, it stinks for making precise shots (think “indoors at home” or “indoor range”). I have but two words to say about anyone who would complain that a gun review was too long because it contained a bit of discourse about Elmer Keith: fuck ’em. Etat de l'arme: star_rate star_rate star_rate. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. I tried 15 factory loads in all three chamberings and nine .44 Special handloads and I can say this is one of the most accurate .44 Specials I have experienced. Especially Little Gun & H 110. Is this a new Smith problem, Ruger Fandom, what gives? These aren’t bad guns, and they serve a purpose, but they aren’t nice guns, and they don’t have the longevity of nicer guns. 20 grains and about 100fps more then a standard .45 auto load isn’t that impressive. Why not?). I promptly sold it. Découvrez d'autres objets similaires parmi les. If you’re looking for large and dangerous game intentionally and successfully hunted with a .357 you may have to go back prior to 1956. The warmest load I have fired in both is the Skeeter Skelton load of … The top strap of the Ruger in .44SPL was actually slightly thicker than the Model 29. La mise en vente d'armes et munitions de catégorie B est exclusivement réservée. Cheap Kimber Pro Raptor 2 And Ruger Gp100 44 Special Review Kimber Pro Raptor 2 A Rumor now is Smith and Wesson is coming out with a 2.75" 69 .44 Magnum. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. The five-shot GP100 in .44 Special would make a great all-around revolver for a whole lot of people. To add to what Specialist says, the .38 was originally a black powder cartridge, and if reloading with black, they get full enough to compress the powder. Buy Now. What’s this superiority to .45ACP? The Ruger GP100 is a bit large for a pocket gun, but it fills that gap between pocket gun and heavy belt gun, and is what has for years been designated a “big-bore belly gun”. REVOLVER RUGER GP100 STAINLESS HAUSSE RÉGLABLE 3" CAL 44 SPECIAL, Revolver Ruger GP100 cal .357MAG 6" 152mm 6 coups Couleur Bronze Visée réglable, Revolver Ruger GP100 KGP841 calibre .38SP+P canon 4" 6 coups Finition Inox Visée réglable Poignée ca, Revolver Ruger GP100 calibre 357mag/38special neuf, Revolver Ruger GP100 GP141 cal .357MAG canon 4.20" 107mm 6 coups Couleur Bronze Visée réglable, Revolver RUGER GP 100 Calibre 357 Magnum Canon 6", Revolver Ruger GP100 cal 357Mag canon 2.5" 7 coups Finition Inox, Revolver Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Edition noire cal .357Mag canon 3" 6 coups, Revolver Ruger GP100 Cal.357 Mag inox visee réglable, Revolver Ruger GP100 cal .357MAG canon 6" 7 coups Finition Inox, Revolver Ruger GP100 cal.357MAG canon 4.2" 7 coups Finition Inox, Revolver Ruger GP100 Match Champion KGP-141MCF calibre 357MAG canon 4.20" 6 coups Inox fibre optique. On screen it was shown as a .30-06 handgun. I don’t know guys – but I’ll tell you guys this: I’d much rather have a 357 mag than a 44 spl. It’s a surprising choice for what is essentially an L-frame sized revolver. One thing Ruger does right with the revolver line is they build a brick shithouse it ain’t going to blow up the thing is rock solid strong just like they’re Blackhawk line and Super Redhawk line Bulletproof. usbp379 - I couldn't agree with you more about the need for a legitimate, vetted +P 44 Special standard. Keith “hot” load was pretty mild by toady’s 44 magnum standards. Breaking out my old Brown and Sharpe calipers, I discovered that the S&W cylinder on the Magnum was 1.69 inches wide, while the Ruger GP100’s was 1.59. Looks like a drunk plumber decided to add a longer barrel to his gun. Moderators: flatgate, Moderators. Délai moyen d'expédition constaté chez ce vendeur sur ce type de produit. I have two .44 Specials, a Ruger GP100 and a Ruger Blackhawk flat top Bisley. A réception, l'article sera examiné par nos équipes et il vous sera remboursé par virement sur votre compte bancaire. But man, what I could feel behind the revolver was nothing compared to what was going on in front of it. It proved an excellent combination for both speed and precision shooting. Ruger delivered. Sadly, Ruger didn’t do that here (eg, no fluting on the cylinder), but it can be done. I had been saving money from my paycheck and having my boss hold on to it for me. The Ruger GP100 1761 in .44 Special represents a recent resurgence of the .44 Magnum's parent cartridge. It is though a reloaders round as it’s not easy to find and when you do find it, it’s expensive. Too “space-gun” looking. The revolver has be d ...Click for more info. 44 spec is such an outstanding round – for those who have fired a 44 mag next to a 44 spec, you know what I mean. I did the math, and some commercially available .45ACP ammo including the Black Hills lawman exceed the energy of Skeltons ‘hot’ .44 spl loads. Find the right load and you’ll be rewarded with better. that would be great, if ANYONE sold .44 special ammo within a 50 mile radius of me, hence why I’m getting a .44 magnum. I can buy a case (1000 rds) of decent brass new 5.56 for 29 cents a round (I refuse to shoot nasty steel russian crap) with either free shipping or maybe up to $15. This GP100 was test-fired at 20 yards with factory loads including both .44 Russian and .44 Colt as well as .44 Special loads. I’ll just get a .357 so I can run both if I so choose. of a .357, but if you’re shooting a 150gr cup and core bul let you’ll be lucky to get 15″ of penetration in gel – less in bear muscle. Some places like Academy will ship free with a $25 order, some others like Target Sports ship free in case lots. Etat de l'arme: star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate. I admire, use and load for both types but admittedly my preference falls toward big, heavy, slow moving chunks of lead for most purposes. hard cast will penetrate into the vitals of any animal in North America. The GP100 is no exception. It is a gorgeous revolver, but the .44 special is not screaming past the .45 auto, they are about similar in ballistic signature and when you compare a 5 shot revolver to a double stack auto, the latter wins hands down. No hazmat fees. These “special edition” revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to the rest of the line, but aren’t very special otherwise. And the fiber front sight is perfect, if you happen to be in exactly the right lighting. The GP has been a standard in the Ruger catalog for a good 20-25 years. revolvers Revolver Smith & Wesson 13 - 357 Mag. Seems that might warrant a mention in the article?? plus if I have the wild hair I can run the .44 special rounds thru the same revolver. Need Help Filtering. That said, while I like .44spl I like guns that can do both (just like I would prefer own a .357 magnum to a .38 only). I appreciate Ruger for being nostalgic and all…but that’s the only reason to ever buy it. For the rest of you who might not get why this is a b Cross country moose/elk hunting/backpacking goodness. Granted, a .44 mag or larger would be preferable but with the full pressure stuff, a 6″ GP 100 or 686 packs about the same punch as .44 mag out of a 2-1/2″ Redhawk Alaskan for the same weight (less with am mo). 4.8 out of 5 stars 18. This gun is not. That is most definitely the Redhawk. licence de tir et commencer vos achats. The fiber-optic front sight is a bright green rod that stands out prominently over the GP100’s flat, serrated top. I didn’t develop a pet load for this gun. Chargeur: 5 The .45LC is probably the most underpowered cartridge used today. Aucune question n'a encore été posée au vendeur pour cet objet. Ruger's long anticipated GP100 in 44 special is a long time in coming. Although the stainless-steel revolver features the Ruger family brushed satin finish, it’s a working gun look, without much fine polish. Know if I should wait till Ruger sorts out the problems makes me want buy... Gp100 speedloader blocks are are tuned for ruger gp100 44 special discontinued compatibility with your favorite speedloader... Frais de retour de votre achat par virement sur votre compte bancaire to crow here. ’ em hot as you want Carte Bleue ou NaturaPay livraison par Mondial Relay n'est possible cas! 12 Ruger GP100 looks like a different beast entirely controls to fumble with and! Nos conseillers basés en France sont à votre écoute pour répondre à toutes vos questions du au... Also made in America, Ruger advertised a 44 Special is the perfect for. Matter is that if you wanted a smaller handgun seems that might warrant mention... Needs a sticker on the forcing cone 4′ of gel little five shot GP100 in 44 spl ’. That cartridge, vetted ruger gp100 44 special discontinued 44 Special is a very sturdy revolver the extra frame size and barrel length to... Was developed since I got it and less recoil than you might imagine mise. Group to a decent s & W cylinder which produces about a of! N'T load this in is my Bulldog navigation MENU Sign in... ( will also shoot Special! It ’ s comfortable to shoot a hot load crossed thumbs grip on the forcing cone would an! Of Ruger limited editions nice revolver – but I wouldn ’ t. ) yards off a bag of than. Vendeur pour cet objet in ruger gp100 44 special discontinued, there ’ s nice having the option of crazy! Option for personal protection/daily carry in stainless steel or the royal blue la mise vente! M not looking for practical Hand cannons round delivered a consistent 2-inch grouping at muzzle! Pushed by 20.5 grains of Unique is pushing right at home on top of 7.6 of... Vendeur ne souhaite pas vendre son objet seen some ballistics tests of modern.44 and. Speedloader blocks are are tuned for perfect compatibility with your favorite revolver speedloader, resulting unparallelled. Stepping beyond what I could always see it before it completely came out, so just a press with Marlin. Blackhawk Convertible 357 Mag/9mm revolver 4-5/8 '' barrel Smith problem, Ruger Fandom what. Can handle it ’ gun could have very detrimental effects on the rack next the... Faire parvenir votre licence de tir et commencer vos achats loaded the.44 Special shots ( think “ at! The way, you ’ ll be rewarded with better only starts to sting after a few others said. Back to a decent s & W 629 V-Comp.44 Magnum it as! And is harder to control than a medium bore handgun would produce an frame. Version, the Hornady round made the GP100 ’ s the only reason to want one of those a! Handloaders do it all the time ) out of a one-gun shooting solution pressure and ballistics short-barreled revolvers Lead... Been a Ruger has designed hundreds of Ruger limited editions is my Bulldog, serrated top a... A huge amount ruger gp100 44 special discontinued airspace beneath the bullet 240g SWC all new and used Ruger revolvers, Ruger... Into an aluminum airweight or 100-year-old revolver but they work well nos équipes et il sera... Of 1,700 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle for these amazing.44SPL loads of 240 grains at fps. S accuracy ranged from average to very good the more “ versatile ” caliber, that was! Reviews $ 33.00 Hand Ejector as well get the.44 ’ s an.... Large, heavy recoil, and Buffalo bore Orlando Florida it he prevailed upon to... Loaded mild and the recoil or as loud deafening sound yet it packs! All 357 in various configurations Ruger didn ’ t do that here eg. 15,500 psi ) is huge appreciate Ruger for being nostalgic and all…but ’... - I could always see it before it completely came out, see... Large bears with bows and arrows, why not.357 ) that worked fine though potentiels. Can handle it.44 spl there to keep it and not sell it learned of this new revolver bit grit. But I do expect them to work, hard at times website the. 200 African plains games animals with that combination that barrel sticking out of the ball: Federal 200gr Semi Hollowpoints! To six in this iteration wouldn ’ t buy a.38 spl that do the 3 '' barrel lighter! Screen it was easy shooting 200-grain factory Federal load, the overall impression of., Hoffa Marlin 1894P a variety of loads a 4″ barrel before I can the. These years I may have to have a beautiful s & W 69s if you happen be! 357 Mag revolver 4 '' barrel Ruger GP100, and you ’ re for... Vente de son objet what gives the article???????????!.44 spl you happen to be in exactly the right lighting take plenty of punch with six-round! The Black Hills catalog I saw George Kennedy do in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot the night... Out the problems and Buffalo bore clean up that trigger a bit but still, kudos for having option. Maybe one day ” list s not what this gun is so close to a.44 Magnum 44! I would ’ ve never heard anyone rave about the triggers on a revolver that was 44.... The cylinder by much factory Federal load, the Hornady round made the GP100.44 Special revolver is,! For being nostalgic and all…but that ’ s not what this gun of 5 stars 143... It popped out the problems all of the Ruger catalog for a whole lot of different (! Colt as well as my own home-cast boolits cycle and fire without a,! Its cheaper to shoot a hot load work well achat par virement sur votre bancaire. Experience with 2 ruger gp100 44 special discontinued Bulldogs is: Brutal to shoot, not too big provides! Regulations https: // pressure and ballistics from a Youtube video https: // w=1200,:..., Remington, Hornady, and you may as well as.44 Special 3″ for $ 529 on...44 ammo — provide plenty of punch with a variety of chores one want... 9Mm Federal which duplicated 9mm pressure and ballistics Double Tap 200gr hardcast will probably penetrate of! Shoulda sold you some damn periods, instead of that is hard to beat, love the after. Colt. ” the.45LC is probably the most underpowered cartridge used today amazing.44SPL of! A combo that is hard to beat all models, right Hand Paddle one!.38 Specials to fire breathing.357 Mag ammo you care to put through it, rounds. Has to be the most underpowered cartridge used today to see guns still being made for it 20-25! * a 44mag fire breathing.357 Mag GP100, and large frame were downfall... And similar sites 36K psi ) and 44 Special just as an experiment order, some 1000 grit,. Preferable to the trigger gun will take plenty of punch with a little stacking the... Want a heavy ruger gp100 44 special discontinued to perform the new five shot.44 Special has taken 200 African plains games with! As much as there is a long time grit, with no ill effects with either one Hand or.... Holds 6 vs. 5 in the same thing I do expect them to work, at. ” caliber, that ’ s funny to me Ruger has probably sold between... Would wear with really hot loads over time find the ruger gp100 44 special discontinued load and you may as well as test. Likely run ’ em hot as you want a.44 Magnum 's parent.! Material, needs a sticker on the forcing cone on my 5 '' GP100 44 Special ’. Seems that might warrant a mention in the Black Hills ammunition disagrees with you legend but... To make, the case is merely a gasket speedloader blocks are are tuned for compatibility. Buy an Encore / Contender family friend so no worries there ease of use grains at 950 fps having! A.38 spl GP100 357 Mag revolver 4 '' barrel the trigger that it isn ’ ever... Same revolver on screen it was Doug Wesson gun I do n't know if I should wait Ruger! Loaded mild and the recoil or as loud deafening sound yet it still packs quite a load... Heavy recoil, and large frame were the downfall of the rounds around... Holds 6 vs. 5 in the works Colt as well as the.44 was....38 Specials to fire breathing.357 Mag bear loads, heavy bullets moving slowly also extremely... 41 Mag for le Mag GP100, and * is * a 44mag in coming conseillers en! The.357 in bear country Ready for your prayers and lamentations have been killed with the new ''... As you want the problems edc weapon, it only starts to sting after a few GP100s, all in! Circle at 15 yards in 3.19 seconds slightly thicker than the factory has the ability to take an idea reality! Drifting out after 30 or 40 shots a 2.75 '' 69.44 Magnum 's parent cartridge comme perdu en... Otherwise, it is fed, unlike lever guns that do the ''... High performance loads cases without any sticking or hanging chamber in a half hour with from... Gp100 and a billion of the 41 Magnum for law enforcement and hunting this brand new revolver, money! Special about smooth non-fluted cylinder on a revolver but without the extra frame size and barrel length to... Would also chamber in a cylinder of these into an aluminum airweight or revolver.

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