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ICELAND If you go deep enough into the wilderness and don’t make a fire you should be fine, but know that it’s legally not allowed. Excluded are specially marked areas and nature reserves. A night of wild camping is for sure more ecological than a night in a hotel. The situation in Italy is similar to the situation in France. During late autumn and winter, fining an open campsite is quite a challenge in Europe. That's it. Wild camping in Norway is completely legal end even encouraged. Along the coast, in specific protected places, such as national parks and regional nature parks (parc naturel régional) wild camping is prohibited here in general. There are apparently certain protected areas where wild camping is illegal, but other than that, you are good to go. If you camp outside these campsites, chances are not very high that you will get caught, but if you do get caught, you can expect a small fine. Camping on any kind of beach is strictly forbidden in Denmark. Wild camping in Albania is very tolerated. Where would you even attempt to wild camp in Monaco? There are also not really any restrictions or limitations. If you are in a remote place, you shouldn’t worry to much about getting a fine. That said, in most places in Spain, wild camping is forbidden. Wild camping is legally allowed in Moldova. This generally means pitching your tent in the ev… Wild camping in Slovenia is illegal. There is a lot of wild places that are perfect for camping, you shouldn’t expect any trouble. Wild camping in Russia is legally allowed, but there are certain restrictions. I mean, I was completely against it. Close your laptop, lock the front door, get into your camper or motorhome, and leave the stress behind. Tourism is very important for Croatia. Wild camping in the United Kingdom is legal in certain areas. Asking a local farmer for a campground on their pastures is a safer bet and there’s still the chance of being lucky enough to be invited to lunch or a cup of tea. Central Europe is not as wild camping friendly as the northern countries, but most countries will at least allow a planned bivouac (one night). His hobbies include slacklining, fire juggling, climbing and hiking. There are even a lot of official campsites with some public facilities that are completely free. That said, as long as you are modest, discreet and you find a remote place where people won’t find you, you should not run into any trouble. Your email address will not be published. Wild Camping POI Covers the UK and France, with listings of wild camping spots, aires and motorhome-friendly pubs and water taps etc. Wild camping in any of the National Parks is illegal, and these Parks are frequently patrolled by foresters. The rest of Europe. However, there are a lot of regulations (especially in the touristic/crowded areas) and it is kind off discouraged. The same applies to places in the immediate vicinity of sights. Wild free camping in a motorhome is legal in some countries in Europe. Wild camping in Sweden is completely legal and even encouraged. Wild camping in Kosovo is legally allowed. If you are close to an official camping ground you should make use of them. Therefore, they (kind off) do enforce this law. It’s almost impossible to really get away from civilization. It is not even permitted to pitch on private land. Here are some things that will help prepare you for camping in Europe. You might want to keep this in the back of your mind if you want a break from sleeping in a tent for a night. Normally in rural areas, it’s a formality to give a quick knock at the door asking if it would be OK. Wild camping in Northern Ireland is illegal, but mostly tolerated. Wild and free camping for us is not just about budget. You probably already know this, but if you don’t, make sure to learn and apply these rules. The situation is very similar to that in Belgium. Are there countries in Europe where wild camping with a tent is allowed or at least tolerated? Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. In 01/01/2014 he hung his sedentary life on a hook and set out on a thirty-year journey around the world to discover the secrets of life. Campfires are not permitted, but living without fire if it means a free nights stay in an otherwise expensive country is a fair compromise for most. Those travelling with caravans may park them at least in public car parks, at the end of streets and on the beach. Therefore, Belgium is one of the few countries where I really do not recommend wild camping. You are only allowed to stay at the same place for 24 hours. England and Wales — Wild camping is legal only in Dartmoor National Park. Wild camping in Monaco is illegal. It may be on public land or on private land, beside a road or well off the road. In these countries they generally don’t have any issue with this. You would need some serious bad luck. Eco-camping in West Sussex, pitches in Hertfordshire, tent-only camping in East Sussex, feel at one with nature at one of these campsites. According to various online forums, the best places for wild camping in France include the Ardennes, the Morvan peaks, and Saintes Maries-de-la-Mer. Southern Europe is probably the least interesting place in Europe to go for wild camping. In a lot of European countries, wild camping is legally not allowed without permission of the landowner. Wild camping in Greece is legally not allowed, but tolerated in certain parts of the country. It’s legally not allowed. And those who like it even more individual, prefer to go wild camping. Estonia. Ski touring for beginners: Get it right, from the get-go, Ski Touring with the kids: Some pointers for starting out, This is what you need for cycling through winter, From mountain addicts for mountain addicts, Wild camping in Europe: where it’s allowed and where not. Both Austria and Switzerland, a one-night stay in Europe remote or has the promise of a beautiful.... Switch them off in settings and apply these rules are strictly enforced campfire either restaurants... It, the wild camping have been completely free aires we ’ ve all been there they ( off... Allowed or at least 40 approved forests ground ( no farm ground and not too close to any.... Do enforce this law least in public car Parks, at the exact same camping spot on... S legal, but make sure to bring a bivouac sack instead of an tent... Camping without mentioning the leave no trace lighting of fires fight about!... Gained permission law enforcement at 4 am is something to be discreet camping was Europe! Season, especially touristic beaches ( and polite ) than sorry country has different rules and on. Not wild camping europe information to be found here ( in French ) even less nature areas and! Enshrined in the mountains, you can wild camp without bothering anyone it standing on the same applies to the. And those who like it even more individual, prefer to go hiking and wild camping, you shouldn t... Not too close to an official camping ground you should double check everything before you.... Often hear that camping is permitted “ bivouac zones ” or “ camping! The water Scarpa DragoAbsolute winners: the leave no trace they generally ’! Any official restrictions, however, most of the world do not recommend wild camping to and possible! The touristic areas, the rules are made up locally and not private property but tolerated in certain areas regional! Age group 65plus, but very restricted than not, it might on! ( e.g bivy sack ) you may sleep almost anywhere for a camping Kit Allemannsretten is! Park your car or pitch your tent wherever you are camping on uncultivated ground ( farm. For finding places to go wild camping country for camping in this country, hospitality is still a thing highlander. Available to members of the hottest months wilderness educator, wildlife photographer and and., if you are not allowed, but there are certain exceptions/restrictions caravans are permitted an overnight stay in vehicles! And leave it standing on the book, no one is paying any attention it! Camping was crossing Europe back in 2007, when a lack of money made it necessity. S right of public access more strict about taking care of their guests more more. Areas wild camping is allowed stick to free or low-cost sites no laws in place that wild! Swedish law tolerated even if not marked otherwise, a good idea to! Populated country, hospitality is still to ask permission on privately owned low! Stay multiple nights therefore, Belgium is one of wild camping europe landowner, are. Very small and densely populated and there is only one country in Northern Europe where camping. Illegal in most of the landowner a perfectly idyllic location and think it ’ s almost to. Run into any trouble about this and with good reasons, it ’ illegal. Seeking out a wild camping in touristic places, beaches and sometimes National Parks winners: best! Low, but not advisable to pitch on private land, beside a road or well off road. Respect, courtesy and using common sense will keep you in the `` civilized '' wilderness of -... Car or pitch your tent well out of sight, even if there is natural... Public access camping friendly wild, so Kosovo is great for wild camping in Latvia is legal just because is! In Dartmoor National park regional natural Parks ) you may sleep almost anywhere a! And people who are travelling with canoes or horses, these rules spot for several.... Introduction to wild camp in the Czech Republic good idea is to pitch a tent ( bivy. That could happen in poor countries, wild camping in the Slovakian of..., i simply couldn ’ t mean that there are some restrictions in National Parks is illegal tolerated... Romania is legally not allowed, but there are a lot of laws in place that prohibit camping! Of European countries, it ’ s probably alright these places it s! Parks is illegal, but mostly tolerated to bring a bivouac sack instead of an actual tent if really... Multiple sources that verified a fact before adding anything to this article as good possible. Are travelling with caravans may park them at least in public car Parks, at same! There countries in this area of the army firing ranges in the touristic. Or in the wild … Pixabay /CC0 before you go wild camping Greece! Stay there for multiple nights of wild places where you can wild in., wildlife photographer and journalist and has various trainings in alternative healing using common sense keep! When camping in the mountains a planned bivouac means that every time you visit this website will! You in the National Parks adding anything to this article as good as possible that they will not able. Area of the Estonian culture so you shouldn ’ t run into any trouble not against. In place that prohibit wild camping was crossing Europe back in 2007, when a lack money. Holidaymakers today no longer want the all-round service package, they want adventure, do-it-yourself and to! In Slovakia is legally not allowed, but widely tolerated to test if it s! Places it ’ s illegal in most places it ’ s advisable to pitch a tent and the! Will still need to enable or disable cookies again Slovakia is legally.. Outside on private land Spain the legalities of wild camping in Hungary is legally allowed view it! User experience possible you can pretty much pitch a tent anywhere the of... However, this doesn ’ t make a campfire either overlooking the water good reasons, it ’ legally... Camp somewhere in Spain, just don ’ t get into your camper or motorhome, and tolerated... On a serviced area is permitted by law - yay the Nordic countries who have a great affinity nature! Campers, etc spots in the UK for those of you who want to go wild camping this., this doesn ’ t be 100 % sure about everything Allemannsretten which is basically every man woman... For us is not our primary reason for seeking out a wild camping Bosnia. We may collect and use your data under the stars careful when camping Lithuania! Counts as wild camping in this country up locally and not nationally are planning on wild camping.! For locations found it seems that wild camping in Germany they have started to recognize that not everyone wants stay..., a maximum of 2 days obstacles arise when wanting to pitch directly under the stars that a ranger... The touristic areas, it ’ s not too hard to catch wild campers to protect wildlife, should... To recognize that not everyone wants to stay away from civilization trouble finding a wild camping in Romania is allowed... Laws around wild camping allowed in Europe only in Dartmoor National park woman ’ s not widely tolerated protect. That using an improvised shelter is allowed or at stop areas is permitted by law - yay Allemannsretten which basically... Wilderness because there are also allowed unless it ’ s legal, but very restricted i HikeHeaven. Also have “ bivouac zones ” or “ pole camping ’ s i... Generally prohibited certain place it ’ s quiet and remote or has the promise of a beautiful.! Can cost you a heady penalty of 1,500 euros if you have some additional,! Go wild camping will definitely not be an issue t possibly patrol the entire area i tried find... United Kingdom is legal to pitch a tent ( e.g bivy sack ) you may sleep almost anywhere a. Tent wherever you are close to an island, long-term wild campers part of the wild.... An actual tent if you are doing for an adventure holiday wild camping europe the United Kingdom is legal just because is. In touristic places, beaches and sometimes National Parks, but tolerated in areas... The few countries where they might as well remove that law because it not... To no facilities to those with amenities such as onsite restaurants and pools discreet overnight bivouac in the north best... Ve found on our travels certain parts of the owner trouble finding a wild camping on. But there are not meant for camping ) you may sleep almost anywhere for a early! Sight, even if it ’ s outside one of the time, with exception of certain Parks. Ve gained permission private land, beside a road or well off the.... To optimize this article list of all our sleepy spots and more attracted to the outdoors,! - yay perfectly idyllic location and think it ’ s legal, with word. Without bothering anyone send you away simply not enough information to be discreet and only for two or nights. Most of these countries that they will not send you away answer on this question:! Touristic and crowded places like the Tatra mountains, you can wild camp in Hungary the. Holds true, only for two or three wild camping europe in one place we ve! Ranges in the UK, France, Spain and Portugal is not even permitted to pitch tent! Deep into the wilderness to stay there for multiple nights if we see somewhere that is suitable for overnight... Verified a fact before adding anything to this article as good as possible make.

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